Tan Lines

I have been threatening a scandalous expose all summer. The time has come. “Honey, you look like one of those double-stuffed oreos from the back, except you’re milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate.” Eric shoots me a look over his shoulder.  Not an appreciative-of-his-wife’s-sense-of-humor kind of look. “Whaaatttt?” “You know, baby, your tan lines.  From … Continue reading

Getting Our Groooove On

What do you do for love? What do you do for yourself? In the end, is there really any difference?

Real Talent, Real Toughness, Real Love

How many of us would even go out out and exercise with a tube up our nose/down our throat (and tethered to our husband by a “nose leash”, as he ran at our side carrying the medical device attached to the tube), much less run a 10k, win and set a course record while doing so?

The Best Laid Plans of Cardinals and Men

What happens when one man’s plans run smack into his wife’s (many) issues…and a small, red bird?

Squeezing More Training Out Of Your Day

Guest blogger and cycling coach Rob Grissom shares his secrets to fitting training — or anything — into an over-packed schedule.

In Praise of Swim Teams and Step-Daughters

on the left

Want to keep your kid on the straight and narrow path? With our Brady Bunch of 5 kids and endless activities, my husband and I have found no better method than hard core swim team. Think of it as our contribution to their eventual membership in the “outliers” club.

Who to Follow: The Road Bicycling World

It’s a big, noisy world out there, so who must you absotively posilutely follow to be in the know for road bicycling?  Let me make it easy for you by sharing my list, below. Don’t forget, many of the tweeps/bloggers have Facebook fan pages, too.  And to follow ME, @pameloth, http://www.pamelahutchins.wordpress.com, FB: http://www.facebook.com/pamela.hutchins.author. You’re welcome … Continue reading

My American Idol

Enduring Beyond Barriers: The Harriet Anderson Story Click on the link above, please. You will be glad you did.  Read about 74 year old Ironman female age  group 70-74 world champion Harriet Anderson (wife, mom, retired school nurse, volunteer) finishing Kona with a broken clavicle after a bike crash. She humbles me.  We can all … Continue reading

Born with Heart

As I sit here thinking about my sore neck, back and tush from riding 175 miles in the MS 150 last weekend, Cody McCasland humbles me.  Now, I could be writing this same post about the many MS sufferers around the world, including the bicyclist I saw Saturday in Bellville, riding the same distance I … Continue reading

Multi-tasking: Writing and Athletics Strike Again

Editing Kona (WIP) continues while I am completing a three hour ride on my bike.  Next weekend is the MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin (donate here), and I need the time in my own saddle on my own bike but will spend all this weekend at the DFW Writers’ Conference (yay!), so riding … Continue reading

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

You never know where you will be when inspiration strikes. Driving down the freeway during rush hour? Trying to sleep in the middle of the night? Cooking dinner? The trick is to consciously put yourself into situations that are most likely to stimulate your creativity and then be able to capture your thoughts when it does.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Just when I thought I knew who I was as an athlete – a very slow distance trail runner – my foot announced that I was mistaken. Every specialist I have spoken to, including my wunderbar husband, concludes that the sport for me now is swimming. There’s some problems with this: I hate to swim and I have a phobia of dark water. What’s a girl to do?

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