Real Talent, Real Toughness, Real Love

How many of us would even go out out and exercise with a tube up our nose/down our throat (and tethered to our husband by a “nose leash”, as he ran at our side carrying the medical device attached to the tube), much less run a 10k, win and set a course record while doing so?

Not on My Feet

Is “barefoot” running causing an epidemic of injuries? Or is running with incorrect form — whether barefoot or clod — to blame?

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Just when I thought I knew who I was as an athlete – a very slow distance trail runner – my foot announced that I was mistaken. Every specialist I have spoken to, including my wunderbar husband, concludes that the sport for me now is swimming. There’s some problems with this: I hate to swim and I have a phobia of dark water. What’s a girl to do?

Pouting the Whole Way

Endurance: the word defines my life. The mantra of my childhood? Quitters never win and winners never quit (thanks, Dad. . .I think). Well, that and, courtesy of my mother, “Are you really going to leave the house looking like that?” Dad’s advice sunk in; Mom’s never quite took.

Identity Theft

An injury tried to steal my mojo as a marathoner and trail runner. But I’m fighting back.

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