Poo Poo on You.

We asked Clark to do four chores. For three of them, he had excuses. The kicker was the dog poo.

Leaving Annaly

What is it about Houston that makes it seem like the end of the line? It’s like when you say, “I’m moving from St. Croix to Houston,” you’re announcing a terminal illness. Houston, bless its heart, is not beautiful. If the heat and humidity don’t kill you, then the traffic might. People don’t dream of vacationing to Houston. Hell, I can’t even get my parents to visit me here.

And I moved to Houston from the Virgin Islands…

Raising Responsible Kids

Next week’s blog topic:  Parenting. George Carlin — may he rest in peace — delivers a funny and thought-provoking monologue on the subject, only one year ago.

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