The Redneck Adventures of Bubba-Mon and the Quacker

So, recently my long-suffering island-boy-to-Texas-transplant husband convinced me that the perfect retreat for our family would be in a thirdhand trailer on a bug- and snake-infested piece of property five miles from Nowheresville, Texas. Yeah, for real.

Don’t Get Your Teat In a Ringer?!?

I learned to be crude the old-fashioned way: my family taught me 🙂

Rednecking Can Lead to Redneckedness

Bubba-mon and I went rednecking at the tractor pull in Nowheresville, TX last night. They say rednecking can lead to redneckedness, but I am NOT going there. Anyway, it was awesome, y’all!

If a picture’s worth a thousand words…

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then I just logged 9,000 in humorous narrative non-fiction. Cool; a good writing day.

You Might Be a (Closet) Redneck…

Multimedia Monday, if you will: pics of our redneck excursions into trailer ownership, whereby Eric-of-the-islands earns the new name, Bubba-mon.

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