Confessions of a Guilt-Stricken Mom: Loving My ADHD Son

Most people describe me as a hard-charger, as she-who-knows no fear. But I am scared of something – I am scared to face my feelings about the missed opportunities to help my ADHD son Clark, and the times others have scarred (or helped) him.

The other stuff in Clark’s room besides the swimsuit magazine under his mattress.

Oh, the things you find in a 15-year old boy’s room…

Yeah, been there/done this/bought the T-shirt.

If our responsibility as parents is to raise children to be self-sufficient and “successful” adults, is divorce always harmful to them?

Take your head out of the sand — it COULD happen to your kids. Or you.

What would you do if your 6th grade son told you that he went to his teacher’s house after school…and the teacher showed him pornography? True stories from our family archives that will have you sitting your kids down for a serious talk, tonight.

That Boy is My Heart

Oh, the exquisite pain of motherhood…the love so deep that even the passing thought of something marring the perfection of our child’s life feels like the squeeze of a garlic press to our maternal hearts. We want to give them an easy time in life, to prevent the boo-boo’s, not just kiss them away. I feel this way for each of my kids.

But one is special – I can’t pretend otherwise. My 15-year old son Clark is ADHD. And that boy is my heart.

It Takes All Kinds of Minds

Wow, what a great summer series running on All Kinds of Minds’ website.  The folks at AKOM are experts in teaching/education. This awesome summer series explores common learning challenges — how to identify if students are competent or struggling in key areas — and advises educators how they can help students with these issues.  If … Continue reading

Getting Our Groooove On

What do you do for love? What do you do for yourself? In the end, is there really any difference?

Saying Yes and Saying No

I’ll never forget telling my husband’s grandmother, in December 2007, that we had finally set a wedding date. Her face lit up until we said “September 2009”, at which point she curled her fingers, her perfectly-manicured nails gripping an invisible wall, and said, “Well, I hope I’m still alive! I’ll hold on by my fingertips!” (She held on, and she’s still alive and well.)

A Family That Cycles Together…Cycles Together

Last week, next week: the past and future are on my mind. This last week on Road to Joy I blogged about family culture.  One thing I left out of that blog, mainly because it was already the longest blog in the history of the world, was the importance that sports — especially bicycling, swimming, … Continue reading

How did Mike & Carol do it? Oh yeah, it was just a TV show…

Summer vacation spots, Thanksgiving dinner menus, birthday breakfasts, rabid devotion to Texas A&M football…culture…tradition…family…it’s great stuff. Family culture evolves slowly but becomes so ingrained in us, that, even though most of the time we take it for granted, we will go to battle over it in a heartbeat. It is who we are. What happens, though, when family structure changes? What remnants of culture survives, what dies, and what is reborn?

The Best Gifts Don’t Need Wrapping

The story of how Melissa’s family established a tradition of giving of themselves to others, in place of gifts-in-bulk and parties.

Someone Else’s Perfect Little Family

What is perfect to you may not work for me. Luckily, it doesn’t have to! What does your idea of the perfect family look like?

“I love you but I’ll have to kill you now,” she said.

That darn Clark. All he had to do was spend 20 short minutes mowing the grass and everything would have been fine. But my 14-year old ADHD son Clark navigates life with a faulty GPS. That doesn’t explain all his choices. In fact, some defy explanation altogether.

My New Motherhood

When you set out to have children, you wish for a healthy and happy baby. You may hope for a girl or hope for a boy, but you know either is great as long as it is healthy. While you may have fleeting fears of illness or disability during pregnancy, you plan for a “normal” child unless someone tells you otherwise. From Guest Blogger Penny Williams of

Changing my blog name: “My kids are way worse than yours!”

My kids are way worse than yours. Just kidding. Sort of.

ADHD: Pesticides to Blame?

A recent study suggests a link between ADHD and pesticides. Whether this link is causal or not, I don’t know, but who can argue that it isn’t wise to know as much as you can about your food, what’s on it, and where it came from?

In Praise of Swim Teams and Step-Daughters

on the left

Want to keep your kid on the straight and narrow path? With our Brady Bunch of 5 kids and endless activities, my husband and I have found no better method than hard core swim team. Think of it as our contribution to their eventual membership in the “outliers” club.

The Principal is Calling About Your Little Angel: Truth or Consequences Revisited

Last week I played the following voice mail from my phone: “This is the Assistant Principal of your daughter’s middle school.  I’m calling to talk to you about her excessive unexcused absences from home room.” ??? To my knowledge, my soon-to-be 13 year old daughter did not have a single unexcused absence from school.  Besides, … Continue reading

It Ain’t Sexy, But It Works

Are you living an accountable life?  I won’t presume to tell you what you should be accountable to.  You get to decide, and you can keep it a secret.  But, whatever it is, are you living up to it?  By that I mean, do you follow the rules when no one is watching?  None of … Continue reading

Does 32 Really Matter?

Look past the white dress to the sweet face of almost-13 year old Sami.  What do you glean from that lovely expression?  Is she thinking, “I’ve gotten away with unexcused tardies and absences in homeroom THIRTY-TWO TIMES?”  Probably not.  Because on the day this picture was taken, 32 didn’t matter to her.  This was Saturday.  … Continue reading

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