All’s quiet here on the Western front.

This week’s photos are from my husband’s business trip “east,” to India. WOW. Garba Dance, Mumbai, Jamnagar, Hotel Leela, giant bugs, and much more.

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3271

Driving hours before dawn in the pouring rain to arrive on the wrong day. Sweet.

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3270

Ummm, about that *requirement* that you bring your government-issued photo ID to the airport? I found out what happens when you don’t. Ugh.

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3,269

Airline karma’s a bitch.

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3,268

Apparently I bumble through business travel, leaving a trail of blushing Alamo attendants in my wake. Oops, my bad.

Life Lessons in Business Travel, #3,267

You know those snap-shut water bottles? Well, sometimes they don’t.

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