Tips for the ADHD Child to Survive YOUR Parenting

God has such an incredible sense of humor. He gave me, the ultra type A slightly OCD mom, an ADHD child to nurture to adulthood. Somehow, he will survive me; I have faith.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Just when I thought I knew who I was as an athlete – a very slow distance trail runner – my foot announced that I was mistaken. Every specialist I have spoken to, including my wunderbar husband, concludes that the sport for me now is swimming. There’s some problems with this: I hate to swim and I have a phobia of dark water. What’s a girl to do?

The Energizer Bunny Has It All, Part Two of Two

Last Monday we worked backwards, exploring the final five of John Kelly’s Top 10 Time Management Tips. The woman accused of “having it all” by so many — me — came clean. Do I really have it all? I have “it” all, but not it “all.” And if so, how do I do it? By prioritizing what I can have, and being disciplined about time management.

My Eye of the Tiger

After receiving Jane Friedman’s professional feedback I want to pay someone like her to read the whole book. I have direction, I have true critical feedback, I have guidance, I have the eye of the tiger. I have a need to not drink so damn much caffeine, as you can tell, too.

Pouting the Whole Way

Endurance: the word defines my life. The mantra of my childhood? Quitters never win and winners never quit (thanks, Dad. . .I think). Well, that and, courtesy of my mother, “Are you really going to leave the house looking like that?” Dad’s advice sunk in; Mom’s never quite took.

Identity Theft

An injury tried to steal my mojo as a marathoner and trail runner. But I’m fighting back.

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