So Where Do You Get Off, Calling Yourself a _______?!?

Come on out of the closet. * You know who you are*

I don’t have time for this *#^%@!(

It ain’t pretty.

Take it from me, “You-make-me-tired Pamela Hutchins,” no one has time for it all. Some people have more free/leisure time than others, but that is because they choose to prioritize leisure time over the world of other possibilities, unchosen. Most of us have so much we want to do (or have to do) that we can barely/rarely fit it in.

Fitting in time to write is about making it a priority and de-prioritizing other things to fit it in. If you can’t do that, then you won’t fit it in. So first make a list of everything you do each day, and be brutally honest. Something’s got to give, so what is it? Let go of crossword, or Sudoku, or long lunches, or whatever is most expendable.

The Energizer Bunny Has It All, Part Two of Two

Last Monday we worked backwards, exploring the final five of John Kelly’s Top 10 Time Management Tips. The woman accused of “having it all” by so many — me — came clean. Do I really have it all? I have “it” all, but not it “all.” And if so, how do I do it? By prioritizing what I can have, and being disciplined about time management.

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