Poo Poo on You.

We asked Clark to do four chores. For three of them, he had excuses. The kicker was the dog poo.

Poetic Justice

Your kids only say they’ll hate you forever when you punish them for skipping school. And the universe gets the last laugh. Trust me.

The Principal is Calling About Your Little Angel: Truth or Consequences Revisited

Last week I played the following voice mail from my phone: “This is the Assistant Principal of your daughter’s middle school.  I’m calling to talk to you about her excessive unexcused absences from home room.” ??? To my knowledge, my soon-to-be 13 year old daughter did not have a single unexcused absence from school.  Besides, … Continue reading

Does 32 Really Matter?

Look past the white dress to the sweet face of almost-13 year old Sami.  What do you glean from that lovely expression?  Is she thinking, “I’ve gotten away with unexcused tardies and absences in homeroom THIRTY-TWO TIMES?”  Probably not.  Because on the day this picture was taken, 32 didn’t matter to her.  This was Saturday.  … Continue reading

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