Silent as a mouse, that’s me.

What have we been up to while the big cat’s away? Mum’s the word…

Return to Nowheresville

Once upon a time, my island-boy-turned Texan husband “Bubba-Mon” fell in love with a little piece of land known as Shangri-La and a rundown travel trailer named the Quacker near Nowheresville, Texas. We spent many happy hours rednecking there this summer. Then came August and the return of “teenager’s activities.”

14 going on 44.

I want to ride my bicycle, in the rain. And be 14 again, if only for a moment.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words…

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then I just logged 9,000 in humorous narrative non-fiction. Cool; a good writing day.

Bicycling. It’s a Lot Like a Heart Attack. Seriously.

My husband and I ride for endurance. Neither of us are known for our speed, but we are still holding our “first hour” pace at hour five, when we have the time to train.

But there’s the rub. Finding the time to train.

Getting Our Groooove On

What do you do for love? What do you do for yourself? In the end, is there really any difference?

The Best Laid Plans of Cardinals and Men

What happens when one man’s plans run smack into his wife’s (many) issues…and a small, red bird?

A Family That Cycles Together…Cycles Together

Last week, next week: the past and future are on my mind. This last week on Road to Joy I blogged about family culture.  One thing I left out of that blog, mainly because it was already the longest blog in the history of the world, was the importance that sports — especially bicycling, swimming, … Continue reading

Who to Follow: The Road Bicycling World

It’s a big, noisy world out there, so who must you absotively posilutely follow to be in the know for road bicycling?  Let me make it easy for you by sharing my list, below. Don’t forget, many of the tweeps/bloggers have Facebook fan pages, too.  And to follow ME, @pameloth,, FB: You’re welcome … Continue reading

It’s Not About Our Bikes

I can’t remember, did someone famous already snag that title before me? 🙂 Hey, y’all, last weekend we rode with Team MRE in the BP MS 150 — which, this year, was the MS 175 for us — and it rocked!!!!  I’m WAY busy with my day job, so I’m just going to hit the … Continue reading

Just a Ride in the Park? Not! MS 150 This Weekend!

You have to click this link to watch the view from the headcam of this rider at the BP MS 150 Houston to Austin in the challenge section called “the Park.”  Fun! Please consider donating to help rid the world of MS! Pic on left: working on “Going for Kona” while training for MS 150.  … Continue reading

Multi-tasking: Writing and Athletics Strike Again

Editing Kona (WIP) continues while I am completing a three hour ride on my bike.  Next weekend is the MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin (donate here), and I need the time in my own saddle on my own bike but will spend all this weekend at the DFW Writers’ Conference (yay!), so riding … Continue reading

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

You never know where you will be when inspiration strikes. Driving down the freeway during rush hour? Trying to sleep in the middle of the night? Cooking dinner? The trick is to consciously put yourself into situations that are most likely to stimulate your creativity and then be able to capture your thoughts when it does.

Bluebonnets and Bicycling: Best in Texas

Spring road bicycling in Texas is divine: wildflowers, 75 degree weather, baby animals, rolling hills.  If you are not among the fortunate ones living near the hill country of central Texas, make a weekend trip.  All our little Texas towns boast friendly folks and charming B&Bs, even if some are too small for full service … Continue reading

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