Confessions of a Guilt-Stricken Mom: Loving My ADHD Son

Most people describe me as a hard-charger, as she-who-knows no fear. But I am scared of something – I am scared to face my feelings about the missed opportunities to help my ADHD son Clark, and the times others have scarred (or helped) him.


The Unstoppable Force That is Clark

A short post about his life in which Clark does not remove any springs from the lawnmower.

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3271

Driving hours before dawn in the pouring rain to arrive on the wrong day. Sweet.

14 going on 44.

I want to ride my bicycle, in the rain. And be 14 again, if only for a moment.

For the love of _______!

What could possess a woman of my vanity to allow herself to look like this????

When Words Aren’t Enough, Say It In Pictures

Sometimes there are no words. I’ve run across a few of those sometimes recently.

Announcing My Collaboration in {a mom’s view of ADHD}

Announcing my collaboration in “a mom’s view of ADHD.” I’m pretty fired up. Clark wants to know if this means even more people will hear about the lacrosse gloves incident, but I told him I felt certain it would not. So, maybe I lied. Oops.

Poetic Justice

Your kids only say they’ll hate you forever when you punish them for skipping school. And the universe gets the last laugh. Trust me.

Couples that make you want to puke.

We work hard to be this nauseating. Except that nothing inside a relationship is ever quite what it seems to the rest of the world.

Mariachis of Meyerland

Rednecks, rabbis and mariachis. Only in our neighborhood. I love it!

Family killing spree continues.

What kind of sick person runs over the family pet and then sends his own kids a picture?

Serial killer has moved into our neighborhood!

I believe the people have a right to know: there is a serial killer loose in our neighborhood. Hide your electronics.

He Who Laughs Last.

Most of you probably remember the hilarious scene in Caddyshack where a floater causes mass exodus of the swimming pool, then the pool boy fishes it out with his net and eats it, because it’s only a Baby Ruth? Well, this story is a lot like Caddyshack. For real. Except in a lake, on our honeymoon. And it was a lot bigger than a Baby Ruth.

Captain Underpants Strikes Again

Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Junk, All That Junk Inside Your Trunk(s)?

I don’t know whether to be comforted or alarmed.

Theology – 1. Pamela – 0. Is Jesus consulting a shrink in this picture???

I’m worn out just thinking about it.

13-hour lock-ins with 3-a-day football practices in 107-degree heat index should have turned Clark the ADHD Wonder Kid into a zoned-out zombie. They didn’t. Whaddya know.

Homicide: 22 Unnamed Victims

Authorities report their investigation into the murder of 22 fish is ongoing but would not comment on whether the case of the dead family cat has been reopened.

The Best of the Clark Chronicles: Happy 15th, Clark!

Clark the ADHD Wonder Kid somehow survived another year…happy birthday, son.

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Seven years ago today I made a decision that changed my life. For the better. Forever. Happy seven years to me.

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