I get around.

‘Round, ’round, get around, I get around, yeah. Today, I have guest posts on two sites. Click through for the links, and for goodness’ sake people, show them the love over on {a mom’s view of ADHD} and Truthfully Speaking. Thanks!

Do you clutter your sentences?

A guest post from Tomica Bonner: Why yes I do? I raise my hand knowing I’m guilty. I didn’t realize how bad I was until editors started chopping my sentences to bits. I overuse words, phrases and padded sentences. Well I’m learning my lesson.

Hot Diggity Damn

Houston Writers’ Guild Manuscript Contest 2010. And the winner is….

Screw my best intentions.

I’ve got the lovesick writer’s block blues, oh yeah.

Pretend like you give a spit.

Warning: read this post at your own risk. I take no responsibility for your boredom or waste of time. But you do need something to do, after all, during football commercials today. This one is all about the Road.

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3271

Driving hours before dawn in the pouring rain to arrive on the wrong day. Sweet.

Why I never get my rewrites done.

Squirrels: rats with furry tails. And smarter than a squirrel-proof bird feeder, too.

Say My Name, Say My Name

Apparently my iPhone is a promiscuous little beast.

Thank you, Thank you very much

July was a record-setting month for Road to Joy, by a large margin. The timing is perfect. Three agents are currently reviewing (on a non-exclusive basis) Leaving Annalise. I expect to hear back from all three — yea or nay — by the end of August. If one of them gives a “yea,” then the blog traffic becomes very important.

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3270

Ummm, about that *requirement* that you bring your government-issued photo ID to the airport? I found out what happens when you don’t. Ugh.

You want me to do WHAT?

I really, truly, seriously just don’t fully understand why all of the person are to be thinking that i need to perform a deep, thorough, painful, horrific edit before i publish my blogs or send out my manscrips when I work my fingers to the bone the first time i write them originally.. I’m great righter!!!!

Leaving Annaly

What is it about Houston that makes it seem like the end of the line? It’s like when you say, “I’m moving from St. Croix to Houston,” you’re announcing a terminal illness. Houston, bless its heart, is not beautiful. If the heat and humidity don’t kill you, then the traffic might. People don’t dream of vacationing to Houston. Hell, I can’t even get my parents to visit me here.

And I moved to Houston from the Virgin Islands…

Saying Yes and Saying No

I’ll never forget telling my husband’s grandmother, in December 2007, that we had finally set a wedding date. Her face lit up until we said “September 2009”, at which point she curled her fingers, her perfectly-manicured nails gripping an invisible wall, and said, “Well, I hope I’m still alive! I’ll hold on by my fingertips!” (She held on, and she’s still alive and well.)

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3,269

Airline karma’s a bitch.

The Lowdown, the Skinny, the Poop

I survived the 2010 Writers League of Texas Agents Conference! No small feat, folks. Pitching to agents is stressful and at times humiliating.

Gracias, Mis Amigos!

Thanks, all readers. Wednesday’s post, Confessions of a Guilt-Stricken Mom, topped the charts for hits, subscriptions, comments, and shares. If you haven’t read it already, it struck some kind of chord with people, and even drew some spirited back and forth in the commentary.

Major Milestone on the Road to Joy

My first novel, Leaving Annalise, was selected as the winner of the Writers’ League of Texas’ 2010 Manuscript Contest in the Romance Category. I AM PRETTY DARN EXCITED!!!

Life Lessons in Business Travel #3,268

Apparently I bumble through business travel, leaving a trail of blushing Alamo attendants in my wake. Oops, my bad.

Life Lessons in Business Travel, #3,267

You know those snap-shut water bottles? Well, sometimes they don’t.

So Where Do You Get Off, Calling Yourself a _______?!?

Come on out of the closet. * You know who you are*

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