Clark-a-palooza: Next Week’s Topic on Road to Joy

Clark and friends at the Regional Robotics Competition, next week.  Yeah, you’re going to want to read this.  Oh yeah. Monday we’ll warm up with links and information on the pros and cons of gaming for ADHD kids and alternatives that have worked for us, then Wednesday will be the big day.  Face-painting.  Capes.  Spiked … Continue reading

Truth or Consequences?

Raising responsible kids: I am no expert, but Eric and I have five kids between us, so we at least can claim ourselves well-practiced.  The key principle we live by? Truthfulness. At our house, you hear us say things like these: We would rather hear bad news than no news at all. Do you think … Continue reading

The Truth Be Told

This is “parenting” week on Road to Joy, and last Friday I posted a link to a hilarious video from 2009 of George Carlin on Raising Responsible Kids. Sticking with that theme, my Wednesday in-depth blog will explore LYING and TRUTHFULNESS at our household.  While it is not ADHD blog week, I can’t help myself: … Continue reading

Mom, there’s nothing to eat around here.

The fam embarked on a better eating journey last week.    We have three teenagers, and our meals have over time sunk to the lowest common food denominator. “What’s for dinner?” asks teenager. “[insert any non-junk food answer here],” says parent. “Ah man, can I just make some [pizza, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip waffles, etc]?” … Continue reading

Lacrosse Gloves Make Sense to Me

My 14-year old son has ADHD. He is also a near-genuis, hilarious, dearly-loved and the most well-adjusted member of our family. When I think of Clark, I hear the Natalie Merchant song “Wonder:” “they say I must be one of the wonders, God’s own creation.” Clark ROCKS.

Tips for the ADHD Child to Survive YOUR Parenting

God has such an incredible sense of humor. He gave me, the ultra type A slightly OCD mom, an ADHD child to nurture to adulthood. Somehow, he will survive me; I have faith.

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