The Redneck Adventures of Bubba-Mon and the Quacker

So, recently my long-suffering island-boy-to-Texas-transplant husband convinced me that the perfect retreat for our family would be in a thirdhand trailer on a bug- and snake-infested piece of property five miles from Nowheresville, Texas. Yeah, for real.

Why I never get my rewrites done.

Squirrels: rats with furry tails. And smarter than a squirrel-proof bird feeder, too.

Family killing spree continues.

What kind of sick person runs over the family pet and then sends his own kids a picture?

Homicide: 22 Unnamed Victims

Authorities report their investigation into the murder of 22 fish is ongoing but would not comment on whether the case of the dead family cat has been reopened.

A Woman of Few(er) Words

A blog in which I shut my mouth and no one cries. Mostly.

You Might Be a (Closet) Redneck…

Multimedia Monday, if you will: pics of our redneck excursions into trailer ownership, whereby Eric-of-the-islands earns the new name, Bubba-mon.

Our Dog Whisperer and the Big Yellow TALKING Dog

Cowboy the big yellow dog has a head like a dinosaur and a lethal tail.  My husband Eric calls Cowboy “Chewbacca” after the giant furry character in the original Star Trek movies, not because of his size, but because Cowboy talks like Chewbacca. A lot. His heart belongs to 12-year old Samantha. At 120 pounds … Continue reading

Can Your Pooch Talk?

Visit this site on Wednesday when I post on our dog Cowboy’s “speech,” especially with our daughter Samantha.  There are times we clearly him say “I love you” and “out.” But is it truly speech?  What is Cowboy communicating? Check out this article: Any of you have any talking dogs out there?  Share share … Continue reading

By the Beam of the Flashlight: Cowboy the Big Yellow Dog

Video of our super-smart 120 pound yellow lab, Cowboy, chasing a flashlight beam and being chased by his woman, Layla.

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