Poo Poo on You.

Who, me?

On Sundays, my husband Eric and I assign chores to our kids.  If they get “the minimum” done, they stay in our good graces.  If they contribute at a level above the minimum appropriate to their age and maturity, they get an allowance.

Michelle, age 16, reliably keeps her eye on the prize — the money — and does everything we ask her to, with no fuss.  Samantha, 12, makes it a challenge, but we can generally cajole her through the process.  Both girls are “neuro-typical.”

Our ADHD son Clark [age 13 at the time I wrote this post] is another story.  Clark has a long history of deferring future pain for current pleasure in the form of omitting the truth, dodging the questions, and flat-out lying.  While Clark is a charming boy, this is not a charming quality.  We have tried everything we — or our many counselors — could think of, but nothing gets through to him for long.

This Sunday was more of the same.  We gave Clark four tasks: clean his room, clean his bathroom including mopping, change the cat box including clean the area around it, and bag and dispose of the (mountains of) dog poo in our backyard.  Clark did not have the most pleasurable jobs his week, but we do rotate out “poo” week amongst the kids.  As an ADHD kid, obviously Clark has organizational challenges.  We expect those and work with him.  It’s the challenge with truth that causes all of us the most consternation.

Of the three of the four tasks, Clark

·         “didn’t hear me” ask him to mop,

·         “forgot” to put the cat litter into the empty cat box,

·         “didn’t understand” that cleaning up the cat area meant sweep up cat kibbles in addition to sweeping up cat litter, and

·         “thought his room looked great.”

The kicker was the dog poo.

To read the rest of Poo Poo on You, click to view the entire post on {a mom’s view of ADHD}.

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3 Responses to “Poo Poo on You.”
  1. Eric Hutchins says:

    The idea of dog poo flying over the 6 foot fence and landing on a neighbors lawn chair still makes me chuckle, in a slightly painful way. But the very best of it was; “I think someone went into the trash can and stole the poo!” this is the words of someone really stumbling on a way out of a mess (which Clark is a master of because he is such a smart kid). Normally when confronted with evidence of lieing he is an expert at fabricating a plausible story and then hanging on to it like a pit bull.
    When it comes to dog poop, its obviously no big deal, as the parent (step-dad) of a teenager what you worry about are things like drugs and alcohol.

    • Pamela says:

      You know it. Lies become more serious. The medicine has helped tremendously, but this is an area of great worry. Even if individual moments can be funny, when you look at it them right way.

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