I want YOU to help ME…in a POLL.

Some of you super-observant types might’ve noticed I changed the title line under the Road to Joy blog; click any link to view it at the top of the page.  Let me know what you think.

In blog-years, I am only six-months old, and content on this site is evolving/bi-polar, like me.  To reflect the move toward its personality(ies), I need a new image for my gravatar and for my Facebook profile page (and if you haven’t fanned/liked my FB page, what are you waiting for? http://www.facebook.com/pamela.fagan.hutchins.author).  For those of you that aren’t blogger-savvy (sigh, MOM), a gravatar is a graphic image that identifies me as the Road to Joy author on the interwebs.

Hence, this post and poll.  Please check out the loveliness below and vote for your fave representation of Road to Joy/Me, based on what you have read to date as well as this description:

Road to Joy: Enjoy the ride as I screw up my kids, drive my husband insane, embarrass myself in triathlon, and write utter nonsense on everything from rednecking to mammography.

Keystone "bitter beer face?

"F@#$ off" face

Angel/Halo...I think this one is fitting.

Former pic.

Richard Simmons/Flashdance homage.

Defies explanation. (it was a case of eye strain, I swear)



Also, a big thanks to all of you.  Last week was the 5th straight week in a row of record clicks on the blog.  Woo hoo.  I got a reject from one of the three agents reviewing the full Leaving Annalise manuscript, but I remain optimistic about the other two, and I plan to start more querying soon as it is a numbers game.  Your clicks count!  Check out the first three chapters of my new book-in-progress, too, ‘Conceding Grace,’ which is a sequel to Leaving Annalise (spoiler alert).

Coming up this week: Tuesday night — a new Clark the ADHD Wonder Kid blog!  Yay!  We’ve missed him.  I apologize, but on Wednesday there will be a special post because I’m celebrating an important personal anniversary on that day.  Your normal three blogs will be five this week.  Please don’t unsubscribe — I promise not to do it again (at least not soon). 🙂

Have a great week, everyone.


p.s. I just made it through a whole post without mentioning Ironman underwear, tan lines, speedos, or any other inappropriate or crude reference whatsoever.  I’m sorry; I’ll do better next time.

7 Responses to “I want YOU to help ME…in a POLL.”
  1. Heidiopia says:

    Way to put it all out there, girl– you’re my hero! 🙂

  2. glenda Finnegan says:

    Pamolot-Definatly the Angel pic! Always put your best face forward! lal-Glenda

    • Pamela says:

      That’s what I was thinking 😉 plus I AM an angel…just oozes out of me. But people are voting for the puckery one and the bicycle one. I’ll go with the top vote getter by Friday. Scary!

  3. Danny Johnson says:

    Pamela, I like “Beer” but you had me at “F@#$ Off”!

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