A Woman of Few(er) Words

Bath day at our house (yes, canines, feline, and humines all). Look into her eyes. Hear her feral hiss. Ju Ju knows where we live. I am very, very afraid.

Sweet and Sour. You guess which is which. And how old the one on the left is. Click to enlarge and read text (you can click a 2nd time when you get there if you have geriatric vision): gift from my loving parents to my husband. NOT NICE, FOLKS.

Actual picture of security in Amarillo airport -- boot jacks for shoe removal. "You a cowboy, Bud?" (Name that movie in the comments)

Bull sculptures outside Reliant Stadium, home of NFL's Houston Texans. Is it just me or do they look more like they are dancing ballet than playing football? I'm just sayin', THIS may be the team's problem...

Toot 'n Totum? Is that like "Fart 'n Fetchum?" Click to enlarge.

I guess I got a little carried away with my Flashdance homage. Eric surprised me at lunch. Or I guess maybe I surprised HIM? Nah, he's used to this.

Check out the snake's neck. Once my mom's friend killed a snake and a live frog crawled out of its mouth in an awesome reverse birthing maneuver. But I don't think whatever's in this snake is going to make it back out...

6 Responses to “A Woman of Few(er) Words”
  1. Mama says:

    Why does the poor kitty cat have to get a bath!!!! She could claw the bath giver to death!!!!

    • Pamela says:

      Dat cat got fleas, so bath or dip…and the last time Eric dipped a cat, the cat didn’t make it. (Note: always read instructions on label) (Note to note: dog dip is lethal to cats)

      Better than the time my aunt backed over the family dog while driving carpool, though.

  2. Mama says:

    Remember where you were!!!!! We would always check our boots to see if they were the cause of the odor or if it was the feedlots!! I am surprised the boot jack was CLEAN.

    • Pamela says:

      That’s a truly hideous thought, and it hadn’t occurred to me. I just remember you saying to Dad, “When I married you I told you I’d follow you anywhere, but I didn’t mean AMARILLO” as we drove into the smell radius of the feedlots.

  3. Heidiopia says:

    Love it! And I think it’s Urban Cowboy if my movie-challenged memory serves me– 🙂

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