It Takes All Kinds of Minds

All kinds of kids, all kinds of minds

Wow, what a great summer series running on All Kinds of Minds’ website.  The folks at AKOM are experts in teaching/education. This awesome summer series explores common learning challenges — how to identify if students are competent or struggling in key areas — and advises educators how they can help students with these issues.  If you are a parent or an educator, this blog is for you.  As the mom of an ADHD teenage son as well as two neuro-typical teenagers, I’m reading it every week. I especially enjoy that each article ends with additional links for more learning on the topic.  You MUST check it out.

Thanks to Mama Snowcones for passing along the links.

2 Responses to “It Takes All Kinds of Minds”
  1. Pamela says:

    These comments from Facebook about this blog really deserve reposting here:

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    Jennifer Power Scott
    Thanks for posting this. The All Kinds of Minds project sounds intriguing. My 6-year-old has Asperger’s Syndrome, so I have a vested interest in seeing “non-typical” kids more fully appreciated and loved.
    Friday at 8:42am · LikeUnlike ·

    Pamela Fagan Hutchins
    I read the lightning thief with my ADHD son a few years ago and my fave aspect was that the hero was ADHD and dyslexic but those turned out to be his god-like traits! I so appreciated the author (a middle school English teacher) imagining his story that way.
    Friday at 12:11pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading… ·

    Jennifer Power Scott
    That’s wonderful. I see Asperger’s Syndrome as a gift, in some ways. My daughter has an amazing memory, for example. It will serve her well in school and life.
    Friday at 12:20pm · LikeUnlike ·

    Lisa Dieterle McBurnett
    Pam- my son was actually tested there in North Carolina at the All Kinds of Minds facility when we were trying to demystify his unique ADD self! It was quite a journey, as I have read yours is as well….and still is! It is hard to believe we started it when he was in third grade and now is entering high school! Their philosophy is amazing!
    Friday at 8:46pm · UnlikeLike ·

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