Does 32 Really Matter?

Look past the white dress to the sweet face of almost-13 year old Sami.  What do you glean from that lovely expression?  Is she thinking, “I’ve gotten away with unexcused tardies and absences in homeroom THIRTY-TWO TIMES?”  Probably not.  Because on the day this picture was taken, 32 didn’t matter to her.  This was Saturday.  The school called on Tuesday, the day after her 13th birthday, with the bad news.

Yep, our little angel will be the subject of next Wednesday’s sequel to…”Truth or Consequences,” with a focus on consequences.

Tune in Monday for our informational warm-up.  I’ll be talking about one of my favorite “day job” topics, accountability, as in parental, teacher, school, and child accountability, and the accountability expected of all of us grown-ups in our other roles, too.  What would happen if you were late to work 32 times?  What would happen if as a manager you allowed one of your employees to be late 32 times, and did nothing about it?  Who would be in trouble?  How much trouble? At what point does “32” of anything really matter…or not?

Y’all have a great weekend.  See you Monday, unless I have an uncontrollable urge to blog before then.


4 Responses to “Does 32 Really Matter?”
  1. Susanne Fagan says:

    She looks very innocent- unlike what I am sure she looked at when she was sitting in the dean’s office!

  2. n.hollins says:

    The look on Sammi’s face is both smug and tentitive. Let her know her aunt Natalie was never late for home room and never skipped a day of school and if she wants to be cool like me she will have to do better…..although she may have to sacryfice having a full time job in the whole equasion…hmmm, on second thought, that may be counter productive. Oy-yoy-yoy.

  3. n.hollins says:

    …. being on time to homeroom and not skipping school does not mean the grown up will always proof themselves or spell correctly out of the gate….food for thought.

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