It’s Not About Our Bikes

I can’t remember, did someone famous already snag that title before me? 🙂

Hey, y’all, last weekend we rode with Team MRE in the BP MS 150 — which, this year, was the MS 175 for us — and it rocked!!!!  I’m WAY busy with my day job, so I’m just going to hit the highlights.  Day 1 from Houston to LaGrange we rode 100 miles and Day 2 we did the La Grange to Austin leg of 75 miles.  My butt took on a semi-permanent bicycle seat shape.  Ouch.

Funniest memories of the weekend?  My husband coming out of the first rest stop porta-john bemoaning the Oakleys in the poo, followed by my husband coming out of the second rest stop porta-john bemoaning the water bottle in the poo.  Oops.  His favorite memory, though, is probably moi exiting a porta john with my stretchy thong underwear (think: no seams to cause painful chafing) pulled up and over the back of my shirt, where they had hooked on the iphone in my back shirt pocket.  I did not realize that I had hooked said undies in this delightful T-fashion six inches up my back  — bicyclists will understand that the affected parts were in so much pain from the bike seat by this point that a little wedgie was nothing you’d notice — until I tried to access the iphone.  My oops.

Favorite  cycling wear?  “Mighty fine” bicycle pants — words right above the butt region.  Bicycling sleeves in flesh-colored fabric with tattoos.  And cheetah pants.  My least favorite?  I wore a pair of bubble baboon butt bike shorts covered by bubble baboon butt bicycle leggings on Sunday and someone took a PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hideosity.

Best part of the course?  The PARK! As in the ride through Bastrop State Park on the “Challenge” Course.  So gorgeous, and so much harder than anyone had told me.  Hello, can you say “I didn’t walk my bicycle up a single one of those bitchin’ hills like so many of the men I saw?”  Pink bikes rock!  First runner-up for fave part was the area around Fayetteville, for the terrain and off-the-hook wildflowers.  Wow.

Drunkest team finish?  MRE!  We met at Mi Madre’s in Austin Sunday afternoon — with a margarita machine — until all our team members had assembled , then rode to the finish (one more mile) as a team.  Some people had been at Mi Madre’s since 11:43 in the morning…we rode the finish at 3:00.  Uh oh.  Eric and I don’t drink, so it was even funnier to us.  And we finished at 12:30, so we got to watch a lot of funny.  I could swear at one point that afternoon I heard a teammate (who rode with a stuffed beaver on her handlebars) asking, “Has anybody seen my beaver?”  OK, I am exaggerating the drunkenness just a little.

Things I never want to hear again?  Guys with too-much-testosterone bellowing “on your left” as they passed by ten feet away.  Yes, dude, I know you’re passing me.  I’m still gonna kick your ass on my pink bike by the time the day is through, when you’re lounging around on break, and I’m still powering through.  WHAT-EVUH.

And thanks go to…our sponsor, MRE Consulting, who put their top fundraisers up in a hotel in Brenham, fed us all weekend, and matched our pledges dollar for dollar.  Also to uber captain Matt Welch who makes Everything More Fun!  Here’s Matt with his awesome girlfriend Blair, taking time to smell the bluebonnets.  Thank you also to the many wonderful people who pledged money to MS through Eric and me.

Best of all, not only did my husband and I ride together on our pink and blue bikes the whole way without me indulging in a single ugly mood swing, even on the last hill in the Park, but four of our five children met us at the finish on day two and our Longhorn daughter brought homemade cookies.  And three of the four want to ride with us next year.  Well, that’s the second best thing.

The very best thing, hands down, was that we raised $5200 for MS and got to see some of the inspiring and wonderful people who work harder battling that disease every day than we ever do out enjoying ourselves on bicycles. Not too late to donate for the cure.

Yep, tears at the finish, both days. Again.  Can’t wait for next year.

Pamelot aka “Hey there’s the lady on the pink bike”

P.S. Thanks to my gorgeous husband for letting me draft off him for one hour each day, he who bought me a brand new, hot off the shelf, waterproof iphone handlebar mount at the Sun & Ski tent at the end of day 1.  Now I can GPS and voice-record writing ideas SAFELY.  Am I a lucky woman or What?



5 Responses to “It’s Not About Our Bikes”
  1. Eric says:

    What a great experience that was.

  2. Blair says:

    Pam – love this! Was great to meet you both…keep writing and riding!

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