Born with Heart

As I sit here thinking about my sore neck, back and tush from riding 175 miles in the MS 150 last weekend, Cody McCasland humbles me.  Now, I could be writing this same post about the many MS sufferers around the world, including the bicyclist I saw Saturday in Bellville, riding the same distance I did under the same conditions.  I planned to.  They inspire me.  Today I woke up and saw Cody, though, and I have to link you up with him instead.

Cody was born without some of the parts I take for granted each time I pedal a bike (or run, or swim): knees, tibias, ankles, feets.

But Cody was born with HEART.

Last weekend Cody did something few people would expect he could do; he did something even fewer people will do in their lives; he did it at the age of EIGHT. He completed a triathlon.

Click here to read about eight-year old Cody McCasland’s triumph.

Now, go out and do something amazing today.   All you need is heart, like Cody, to break through your own barriers and LIVE.

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