Multi-tasking: Writing and Athletics Strike Again

Editing Kona (WIP) continues while I am completing a three hour ride on my bike.  Next weekend is the MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin (donate here), and I need the time in my own saddle on my own bike but will spend all this weekend at the DFW Writers’ Conference (yay!), so riding outside this weekend is not an option.  Neither is frittering away three hours of editing time.  My husband rigged the lapdesk to my aerobars with a bra strap. Ingenuity!

My cousin Buddy zip ties a wireless mouse and keyboard to his lapdesk while riding, with his laptop on a stool beside him.

Any other brilliant ideas out there?

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  1. […] Eric quit making his gentle inquiries and just let me stew in it. I told myself I didn’t have time. I thought of all the things I could do with the lesson and practice time that were less “self-indulgent:” work, housework, errands, write, train. […]

  2. […] 1.    Schedule races.  Training becomes urgent and time-sensitive when you have a big race coming up.  Never let your calendar become empty.  If I don’t have a race, then, training always slips down the priority list. 2.    Make health and fitness a core family value.  If your kids and other family members never lose sight of the importance of wellness, and you do all that you can to promote theirs, how can they argue the importance of your training?  Go ahead, make a family mission and values statement.  We did.  It works. 3.    Eliminate the crap.  Most people don’t like to hear me say this, but I eliminated all TV except for football from my life.  I also don’t drink alcohol because it dehydrates me and makes it harder to get up early to fit everything in to my day.  I don’t take long lunches with friends.  Making these changes freed up a tremendous amount of time for me.  Find the non-urgent, non-important things in your life, and dump them. 4.    Learn to love your training stand/stationary.  I highly prefer long rides on the open road, taking in the scenery, and smelling the roses.  In the real world, I only have the opportunity to do that once a week on average.  The rest of the time, my beautiful pink Trek Pilot is up on the training stand in the living room.  That way I can ride when it is dark outside, I eliminate driving to and from (lovely) riding spots, and I can remain available to meet my kids’ needs, which brings us to #5. 5.    Multi-task, multi-task, multi-task.   My husband and I discovered that, with the right attitude, training can substitute for date time   We are together and we are doing something we enjoy.  And if the bike is up on the training stand, we can add a third category into our multi-tasking and look over kids’ homework, watch movies, or, in my case, throw a lap desk over the handlebars and write! […]

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