Can Your Pooch Talk?

Visit this site on Wednesday when I post on our dog Cowboy’s “speech,” especially with our daughter Samantha.  There are times we clearly him say “I love you” and “out.”

But is it truly speech?  What is Cowboy communicating?

Check out this article:

Any of you have any talking dogs out there?  Share share share.


2 Responses to “Can Your Pooch Talk?”
  1. G Man says:

    Our cockapoos communicate quite clearly espcecially if they want something. Millie lets us know what she wants with a loud affirmative bark to a question. Example: Go outside? (no response). Play ball? (no response). Puppy food? (Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!)
    They also communicate with their eyes which say “I love you” and their tails which say “I’m as happy as can be!” When Mommy calls on the phone, Millie lets out a long moanful cry or if she’s happy, she’ll actually sing “Woooooooooooooooo….”

    Can you figure out who I am, Pamelot? Now don’t go “Bark, Bark” okay? ;0)

    • Pamela says:

      That would be Gunter, G Man! I laugh when I read articles trying to convince me animals don’t talk. They have so many ways to communicate something specific. I think it is a little elitist for us as humans to think we corner the market.

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