The Energizer Bunny Has It All, Part Two of Two

Last Monday we worked backwards, exploring the final five of John Kelly’s Top 10 Time Management Tips.  The woman accused of “having it all” by so many — me — came clean.  Do I really have it all?  I have “it” all, but not it “all.”  And if so, how do I do it? By prioritizing what I can have, and being disciplined about time management.

I asked you to practice something this week, too:  How many of you threw the NO word around more often this week in protecting your schedule?  Raise those hands a little higher; it’s hard to see you all the way from Houston.

I definitely did, and I enjoyed it.  “No, I don’t have time to clean up where the dog pooed in the game room; I have a meeting.”  “Sorry, I can’t do the dishes tonight, kids, I have to write.  Go get ’em!”  It was liberating.

So, on to Part Two – the top five of Mr. Kelly’s Tips.

5.  Multitask Wisely.

4.  Take Control of Meetings.

3.  Tame Your Email Habits.

2.  Plan for Tomorrow.

1.  Relax and Be Happy.

5.  Multitask Wisely

As I write this blog, I am a living example of do as John Kelly says, not as Pamela does.  I  am watching 2012, blogging, glancing at Facebook, and refereeing my children’s petty disagreements.  None of it is going particularly well.

So, a better example of how I protect “it” in my life by multitasking is that I refuse to read or watch television unless I am exercising at the same time.  I reward myself for training with audiobooks, movies, music, The Dog Whisperer, and Cardinals football.  To me, effective multitasking occurs when you pair activities that don’t require all your attention.  If “it” requires focus, multitasking just means you accomplish less of everything.

4.  Take Control of Meetings.

We’ve all sat through meetings and fumed as an ineffective meeting leader wasted our time.  I’ve found I can take control of any meeting – to everyone’s relief – by jumping into the gap and establishing what the meeting is to accomplish and confirming deliverable responsibilities and timelines.  I take notes, and I route the notes and deliverables after the meeting.  When I coach executives, meeting control is one of the three highest impact areas we cover, the other two being establishing “it” and principled decision making.

3.  Tame Your Email Habits.

Addicted to your Crackberry?  Obsessed with your Iphone? You don’t have to answer the phone every time it rings, and you don’t have to respond to  (or even read) every email you receive.  There are electronic communications bombarding us relentlessly every day, competing for our attention, and distracting us from “it.” Are you merely cc’ed or fyi’ed?  Scan and file.  Is the issue complex?  Pick up the phone for a quick conversation instead of indulging in a 20-email string of confusion and frustration.  Is the email non-critical or chit chat from your mother-in-law?  Save it for your down time.

2.  Plan for Tomorrow.

You’re not done for today until you plan for tomorrow.  Period.   My husband and I go over his, mine, theirs, and ours each night: work, training, kids, and “etcetera.”  By the time you start “tomorrow,” there will be unscheduled distractions that derail you from accomplishing “it” – you need a plan so that you are able to pull out your NO and deal with them.

1.  Relax and Be Happy.

You may do tips 2-10 brilliantly, but if you are stressed and unhappy, your brain will sabotage your efforts.  Not to mention you won’t even care if you are successful.  In fact – indulge me – make sure something that is good for your psyche makes the “it” list, and don’t compromise.  I’m blessed because all of my top five “it” list items make me happy.

On my schedule this week: a webinar on pitching a book to an agent, 11 hours of bicycling (and Andre Aggasi’s memoir while I do it), five hours of physical therapy, three hours of swimming (ugh), writing writing writing, a Women in Energy function, a trip to Chicago to hear my step-daughter’s choir perform, and an additional trip, this one to Phoenix with my husband for a refiner’s convention.  All these activities are on my “it” list, and I will religiously apply Mr. Kelly’s 10 tips in protecting them.

You are the protector of your own “it.”  So get to it.

Happy Monday,



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